Who We Are

The people behind the Cyragon Media Syndicate have been in the independent gaming community for a number of years. Under the name Mug Software we produced our first epic adventure, The Key, which is still available as a free download. More recently we produced the game Final Destination, which is our first retail title. We're looking forward to producing more independent games in the future.

We've also written a series of science-fiction adventure stories named the Starman Series. This series of eight books is available at www.StarmanSeries.com; the second book in the series is available as a free download.

Our goal has been to produce family-friendly entertainment in an era when that is becoming a very hard thing to find. Companies that produce great products are increasingly being forced out of business by retailers looking for the next great 3d shooter; it's become very hard to get published if your product doesn't involve random killing and violence. We want to reverse this trend and make it possible to bring quality entertainment to people who still care for that sort of thing, at no cost to the developer. It is a difficult thing to do but we believe it is worth doing.