Acceptance Policy

Cyragon Media Syndicate is a publisher, not a printer. While our acceptance policies are very broad we will not publish everything that crosses our desk; we're primarily looking to bring family-friendly games to the market - games that don't involve killing everything that moves.
We will not accept titles with the following:

* 3d shooters: Games that primarly center around killing (especially in violent and gory ways) are very popular these days. We aren't interested in them.

* Sex/nudity/pornography: We will not accept anything with this kind of material in it. Period. Don't even think about it.

* Swearing/blasphemy/profanity/drugs: This is also very common. We aren't looking for titles with this kind of material.

* Anything that would merit an ESRB rating of M.

* Anything with illegal material

* Anything pirated

That's pretty much it. All titles we receive will be reviewed; if they pass we'll take them and if they don't we won't. We reserve the right to reject submissions. If your title does not fall into any of the above categories then we highly encourage you to submit it.
One thing we will not do is edit your software. If we accept it then we accept it as-is; we will not accept it and then try to get you to change it. We are not filtering games based on how much we enjoyed playing them or what we think of their user interface; we want to leave the game's design up to the people who developed it.

If your title appears to be is something we would normally reject but you feel that it is a good fit for us you are welcome to submit it and explain why you think we should take it. We have an open mind but at the end of the day we have certain limits we will not cross.

Finally, don't be hesitant to submit your product just because you are an independent developer. We're independent developers ourselves and created this business precisely to make it easier to bring quality titles to the market. We are not a big publisher that has to print ten thousand copies and get approval from retailers; we operate on a smaller scale and that allows us to release things traditional publishers can't while maintaining high standards.