Cyragon Media Syndicate

Are you an independent game developer? Do you have a game that you would like to have published? If you’ve tried traditional channels the chances are you’ve had no end of trouble: it’s hard enough just to get a publisher to give you the time of day, much less take a serious look at your product.

As an independent developer myself I have been there and wished there was an alternative. Why does it have to be such a struggle to get something published? I know there are people who are interested in what I’ve made; wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to get a product to the market?

The good news is that there is! The Cyragon Media Syndicate is a new concept created specifically to give independent developers a chance to get their product published without a lot of grief. It works like this: if you have created a computer game, send it to us and we’ll make it available for your fans to preorder it on our website. Once 150 copies have been preordered we’ll print it professionally, handle all the shipping, and cut you a check for royalties; the game will then stay available and we’ll ship out copies as they are ordered. You retain all rights to your product and, at any time, can have the title pulled from our site and sold to someone else. The best part of all: this costs you nothing. You don’t pay us a dime: once the game has been printed and starts selling we will be the ones paying you royalties.

What submissions do we accept? If you own the rights to it and it isn’t pirated, illegal, or obscene, the chances are good we’re interested in it. We’re not a traditional publisher: our goal is to make it easy for you release your product to your customers. We offer a variety of services: if you want a jewel-case release we can do that, and we can do box releases as well.

If you are interested, drop us a line! You can reach us at At the moment our site and services are still under development; we’re trying to gauge interest in this before go live on May 30, 2005. Feel free to browse our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.