Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will this work?

A: Developers will fill out a simple submission form and send us the gold master of their title. Once we receive it and verify that it’s not an illegal product we will send them a publishing agreement. After that has been signed we will post it on our site and make it available for preorder; after 150 copies have been ordered the product will be printed and delivered to those who ordered it. At this point the game will remain in print: as orders come in they will be shipped out immediately. Royalties will be paid once per quarter after the game has been printed.
For those who preorder the product, no one will be charged for the product until it has sold 150 copies and we ship it to the printer. The game will have a limited time to reach that mark (90 to 120 days); if it doesn’t reach it in time then we will cancel the orders and remove it from the site. Customers are charged only after the game goes to press.

Q: Who retains the rights to the product?

A: You do. All we want is a non-exclusive right to print, distribute, and sell the product, while paying you royalties for it; the contract can be terminated at any time. The publishing agreement gives us the legal standing we need to manufacture it.

Q: Do you edit the content of what you release?

A: No. We do not edit the game or its content in any way: what developers ship us is what gets printed.

Q: How are you different from a traditional publisher?

A: A traditional publisher is very restrictive about what they publish because they take a big risk: if the game doesn’t sell they are out a great deal of money. A publisher must be confident that they can sell the game, advertise it, get retail stores to stock it, and somehow generate a profit.
We’re a little different: we print the game after it has sold enough copies to finance a printing run. That is why we require preorders; once it has sold 150 we can afford to print it, and after that we’ll keep it in stock. To keep costs low we don’t advertise (something that costs a great deal of money); instead, we depend on the developer to generate customers.

Q: Why 150 copies?

A: Simply put, if the limit was any lower the price we would have to charge per copy to finance a printing run would be so high that no one could accord copies of it. Requiring 150 copies to be preordered allows us to offer titles at a very affordable price.

Q: What kind of royalties do you offer?

A: This depends on how you want the game released. Games released as CDs in jewel cases have royalty rates of 10%. Games released as CDs in boxes have royalty rates of 20%. The difference reflects the added cost – and potential profit – of releasing a game in a printed box.

Q: Who sets the price?

A: For now we do, although this may change in the future. The price varies depending on how you want the game released; it is set high enough to cover the costs of manufacturing the CDs but low enough to keep it affordable. At the moment it looks like CDs in jewel cases will sell for $12.95 plus S/H and CDs in boxes will sell for $24.95 plus S/H. This, however, is still tentative; actual prices will be set once the site goes live.

Q: How often are royalties paid?

A: Royalties will be paid once per quarter after the game has been printed.

Q: Who handles distribution?

A: We do. We accept orders, process them, handle the credit card transactions, print the CDs, and ship the CDs.

Q: Are there any costs involved?

A: No. You will be charged absolutely nothing. There are not even any optional services we offer that carry a fee! It is completely free.